12 easy changes to Lose Weight Part Two

12  easy changes can you make to your diet to make it more healthy.

Sometimes it seems as if eating healthily is really hard but here are some easy changes you can make.

7) Use what if planning

It can be difficult to eat well if your plans go astray e.g. you wake up late and miss breakfast . Try what if planning and work out your worst-case dietary backup plans right now.  Good examples would be: “If I miss breakfast, then I’ll grab a packet of ham and an apple, not a croissant,” or: “If I’m stuck at a service station, then I will have some cashew nuts, not a pork pie or muffin .” There’s evidence that having pre-programmed behaviours can keep you on track when you’re at your most vulnerable .

8) Use a smaller plate

If you choose a smaller plate you will serve yourself less and will deceive yourself in to thinking you have had a substantial meal. It’s a neat trick but it really works .

9) Add sweet potatoes to your diet

They’re potassium-rich and full of vitamin .

You can cook them like potatoes. Three options are: 1) prick them with a fork and microwave them; 2) cut them into wedges, brush them with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 20–25 minutes; and 3) peel, boil and mash them.

10. Take 48 hours off booze a week

Your body needs 48 straight hours to start undoing the damage to your liver caused by alcohol . Which is why you should have at least two teetotal days a week.

11 Eat real food not processed

Try and eat things that grew out of the ground or ran around . Avoid processed foods that often contain sugar, fats and salt.

12. Slow down and savour your food

Ideally try and eat sitting at a table with the TV turned off. If you concentrate on eating your body and mind will register that you have eaten and you should feel full afterwards. Avoid mindless eating whilst watching TV. It is easy to munch your way through a whole packet of biscuits or a whole bag if mixed nuts etc.

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