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Fat v Sugar which is worse?

I enjoyed watching the recent Horizon programme which looked at what was worse, eating a high fat diet or a high sugar diet .

It featured identical twin doctors Chis and  Xand Van Tulleken. One ate a high fat diet and the other a high sugar diet .  Interestingly the high fat diet had the worse consequences as Chris , became pre diabetic as his body became less resistant to insulin. The conclusion of the programme was that  it is a combination of fat and sugar that is irresistible to us rather than fat or sugar on their own.

This sort of insight is really useful for us as we try to lose weight. It explains why despite our best intentions we often make poor choices. Only yesterday I was tempted to buy on impulse, a large 120g bar of Cadburys dairy milk chocolate at the corner shop. I was hungry and it seemed such a great offer at only £1. I still bought it despite knowing that 3 small squares alone are 80 calories and the whole bar contains 640 calories. I bought it knowing that it is highly likely I won’t eat just  3 small squares but half the bar.  I haven’t opened it yet but it is waiting for me in my kitchen.

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