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Personalised Diets

Personalised Diets

Experts now say that a personalised approach to dieting could transform the way people lose weight.

Many of us have tried the latest diets in January but by February have reverted to our old eating habits.  Scientists say that this isn’t just a lack of will power but is due to a persons make up their thinking patterns and habits, genes and hormones.

The latest weight loss theory is that individuals need a  diet programme tailored to their individual needs . This has been put to the test and over three months 75 dieters were put through tests and monitored for the BBC Horizon programme.

The study looked at 3 types of overeaters

  1. Feasters who find it hard to stop eating once they start
  2. Constant cravers who feel hungry all the time
  3. Emotional eaters who turn to food when they get stressed or anxious

Feasters it was shown by the research are driven by hormones that play a big role in their eating patterns. In particular they have low levels of hormones that are released when food travels to the intestines. They don’t easily recognise when they are full so they carry on eating .

They need a diet that makes them feel full for as long as possible. Such as a high protein low glycemic index ( GI ) diet. Foods such as fish chicken brown rice, grains and cereals .

Constant cravers always want to eat and they seek out fatty and sugary foods. Certain genes make people hungry by disrupting signals sent to the brain telling it to stop eating. Instead the brain thinks it needs to lay down fat stores .

As constant cravers feel hungry all the time the best diet for them is the 5:2 diet.   On two days a week they drastically reduce their calories to 800 on the other 5 days they eat healthily . This intermittent fasting diet shocks the body into burning fat.

Emotional eaters have established bad habits that are very difficult to change. As well as following a healthier diet , group support was important for them. In the study they had access to online support groups and attending weight loss monitoring meetings . They also had cognitive behavioral therapy to help manage emotions and the eating linked to these emotions .

Each of the three groups had a target of losing 5 % of their body weight but in fact lost 8  %. Constant cravers had the toughest test and festers lost the most

These evidence supports the Rubicon Weight Loss entering approach which is to tailor a programme and diet to suit the individual .  Call me for a friendly informed discussion on 020 8668 3061. 


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