Christmas how to avoid piling on the pounds

The average person puts on 2 – 5 pounds in weight over the Christmas period. Most of us lose this by dieting in January but for some the weight says on and they slowly gain weight as the years go by. I find that during the whole of December I get invited to more social events and eat and drink much more than usual and the weight goes on gradually. It is a really good idea to weigh yourself regularly during December to see if you are gaining weight.

Here are some ideas on how to negotiate a Christmas buffet or reception party to avoid taking in too many calories.

First choose a protein items e.g. chicken drum sticks, cold meats, salmon. If you are vegetarian a small amount of cheese is ok.
These protein foods will fill you up and reduce your cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Then fill your plate with colourful salad items e.g. tomatoes lettuce, beetroot celery sticks, carrot etc .  You can have some pasta, bread ,potatoes, rice salads etc.. but limit your portion size. Generally I would avoid completely pastry items such as quiche, sausage rolls, pizza slices vol au vents, and fried items such as crisps, taco chips , onion bhajis , spring rolls and dips such as sour cream and guacamole. For desert I would recommend a very small portion of a selection of the deserts plus lots of fruit salad without any cream .  Try to avoid the mince pies which is difficult as they are delicious and seem to be offered at every occasion in December . Each one contains around 250 calories.