Christmas Calories – Be aware of what you eat

Why do we eat so much at Christmas?

Over the Christmas period we are faced with so many more choices . Every where I go I seem to be offered a mince pie.  I love mince pies so I am tempted every single time. The average person puts on at least 2 pounds over the festive holiday. I usually put on 4 pounds even when I am being really careful with the Christmas Calories.

The main problem is that are all designed to be curious about food and taste the range of dishes available. Our brains also tell us  to stock up when we see calorie rich food .From our history as “hunter gatherers ” we are programmed to eat a wide range of foods from fruit ,seeds and leaves to a whole range of different animals fish, birds and insects.  When faced with a range of dishes we want to try them all. It has been scientifically proven that we will eat more if presented with a choice of dishes than if we are given just one option . Great examples of this are a box of chocolates where we want to try each variety. If we are offered sweets that are all the same eg the same colour jelly bean we will take and eat less than if we are offered 10 different flavours of jelly bean . We are likely to try each flavour.

The same applies when we are choosing what to eat from a Christmas buffet. We want to try some of everything. Half the battle is to recognise this instinct and then we can try  strategies to resist our natural tendencies. A great strategy is to fill half your plate with salad and this cut down the space for fatty foods. Try and avoid foods that are brown in colour as this is often an indicator of processed food that is high in calories. Choose a colourful selection of foods and eat slowly so that your stomach can recognise when you are full. Have a great Christmas .