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Corporate weight loss mentoring

Support for staff whose weight is affecting their health

It can be very difficult for employers to know how to support staff who are struggling with their weight. Particularly when this is affecting their health, confidence and beginning to impact on their effectiveness at work. For example, significantly overweight employees will tire more easily and whilst this may not affect their performance directly it may affect their work life balance as they may be too tired after working to have much of a social life. Obesity can also lead to conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Employees with these conditions are likely to lead to higher absence rates. Manager’s often do not know how to discuss weight issues with their staff.

Early intervention to reduce weight, increase exercise and promote healthy living is very important.

We offer an effective, sensitive target centred mentoring support for staff who you refer to us.  Corporate weight loss mentoring sessions take place at the place of work  and are target driven.

Mentoring works in a similar way to that described in the mentoring section.  We provide regular reports to you on the progress being made by your employees.

We would be delighted to discuss this further with you with you and give you more  information and prices for the employee mentoring programme.

Please contact us by telephone or through the contact form.

If corporate weight loss is not what you need and you are looking for personal weight loss tips and advice for yourself,  a teenager or friend then please visit our  Personal Mentoring page for more information.