My Fat Story

I watched Katie Hopkins programme ” My Fat Story ” on TLC channel .

Katie Hopkins came to fame through the Apprentice and she is now a features writer for The Sun. She has outspoken views on fat issues and believes if everyone ate less and exercised more we wouldn’t have a fat problem in this country . She is concerned that the obesity problem could bankrupt the NHS as type 2. diabetes and other weight related problems place increasing strain on the health service. She believes that we are too soft with the issue and doctors and other professionals should be more direct with people who are overweight in telling them they are overweight and recommending they take action to lose weight. In her documentary she deliberately overeats to put on 3 stone in 12 weeks and then loses the weight to show how easy it is to lose weight . She started out weighing 8 stone 13 which is borderline underweight . She put on 3 stone and then lost 2 stone so her final weight was 9 stone 12 lbs .

Whilst I enjoyed watching the programme I don’t think it taught us much about losing weight. Katie Hopkins is not really interested in food and eats in a functional way. She is the sort of person who might well forget to eat . I am always amazed when I hear that people forget to eat as this rarely happens to me. She is also a very keen runner and runs for an hour, 3 times a week and trains for marathons.

The most interesting part of the programme for me was when Katie visited a psychologist when she was 3 stone heavier . Through this discussion she realised that it was an important part of her identity to be slim and fit and now overweight she felt vulnerable and was often tearful . She came to understand that she had little compassion for herself and was very tough on herself and drove herself hard. She also had little compassion for other people as a result of her outlook on life .

In a way Katie is right if we all eat less and exercised more we wouldn’t be overweight . However, if it was easy to lose weight then everyone would do. The fact is that it is very difficult to lose weight and keep the weight off and the majority of people in this country and many over the whole world are now overweight . The reasons are complicated and much discussed but are largely due to the over availability of food in our society and a reduction in the amount of exercise we do as a result of using cars instead and modern technology.