Lack of Exercise is a Greater Danger than Obesity

A 12 year study of 300,000 in Europe showed that a lack of exercise was killing twice as many people as obesity. Researchers followed the study group for 12 years assessing exercise levels and waistlines and recorded every death.

It showed that whilst obesity and inactivity often go hand in hand. Thin people have a higher risk of health problems if they do no exercise.

Obese people who exercise are in better health than those who don’t.

A 20 minute brisk walk , 5 times a week is all that is required to gain the benefits.

The best way to include exercise into your day is in your journey to work. This then becomes part of your routine. Alternatively take a walk at lunchtime or go for a 20 minute walk in the evening with your partner rather than sitting down and watching tv. It is important to get your heart rate up and improve the cardiovascular system. So whilst it is a great goal to try and make 10,000 steps per day you won’t gain the full benefits unless you sustain the effort by brisk walking for 20 mins.

The key is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. When you are overweight exercise is harder because you are carrying several extra stone around with you. However you are burning up lots more calories so that is a great motivation.

Here are some ideas to encourage you to exercise more.

  • Exercise with a friend . ¬†Agree a time and a place and you are more likely to do it as you don’t want to let each other down.
  • Plan exercise into your day ideally in your journey to work
  • Try and find an exercise you enjoy and has a great social life eg join a badminton club or a football or hockey club . Most sports clubs are keen to recruit new members and offer courses to encourage people back to a sport .
  • Try an exercise class. Most church halls have classes you can join for a weekly charge . This is much cheaper than a gym membership . Zumba is a great fun work out for all ages and sizes