How to Lose Weight Tips Number 2

Why can’t I lose weight ? Use a smaller plate

Clients say to me that they try healthily eating and they regularly cook at home and they expect to lose weight but instead they find they gain weight.  What is going on here? Are they following the wrong personal diet plan ? Often when we look closely together at what they eat the problem is portion sizes. It is great if you are cooking delicious healthy meals from fresh ingredients but you will still pile on the pounds if your portions are too big. This can often be a factor in the weight gain of an overweight teenage daughter or son.

The first step that will help in a weight loss program is really simple but very effective, use a smaller plate for your meals and you will serve yourself and your family less. You can trick you eyes and your stomach by eating from a smaller plate. The plate should be a contrasting colour from the food you are eating . If the plate and the food are the same colour you will tend to serve yourself more and eat more.

Secondly when serving your portion size for protein and carbohydrate items they should be no bigger than the size of your fist . The rest of the plate should be vegetables. Often I find that clients are filling a large dinner plate with home cooked chilli, spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne and not realising that the portion may contain 1000 calories or more.  This would be half or the daily calorie allowance for an active woman.  

Thirdly, it is also important to concentrate on eating and not be distracted by the lap top or television . Ideally meals should be eaten at a dining table and not on your lap in front of the tv.  If the brain registers that you have eaten a meal then it will send full signals to the stomach. You override this if you eat too quickly or eat without thinking about it .  It is easy to eat mindlessly absorbed in a tv programme and before you know you have eaten more than you needed or intended. Families with overweight teenage daughters and sons should try to reduce individual snacking and eat together as often as possible using correct portion sizes.

At Rubicon weight loss mentoring, a weight loss mentor will work along side you to discover the reasons why you haven’t lost weight in the past and will help you adapt a program for the best way to lose weight for you.  They will then work along side you to support and encourage you.

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