How to Lose Weight Tips Number 3

Maintaining weight control for when working away from home

It is very easy to put on weight when working away from home for extended periods and living in hotels. It is then difficult to lose weight and keep it off whilst sticking to a healthy diet plan. It can be very lonely and we can turn to food as a comfort.  Also this can be compounded as when we are on our own we are not accountable to anyone else only ourselves. It is easy to slip into bad habits and then deny to ourselves what is happening . When living away the easy available food is likely to be high calorie food in fast food restaurants, curry houses and hotel restaurants and we may tend to drink more alcohol if we are eating out every night .

Here are some helpful strategies as part of a weight loss programme for men and women to lose or maintain a healthy weight when working away from home .


Always pre plan what you are going to have for breakfast so you are not tempted to overeat when faced with the amazing hotel breakfast buffet.

Good choices are scrambled egg on toast, poached egg on toast, porridge, yoghurt and fruit, omelette with tea or coffee. Avoid croissants, cooked meats, pastries, sugary cereals, full English breakfast and too much fruit juice.


Again per plan your lunch and ideally buy on the way to work so you don’t impulse buy when hungry at lunch time. Good options are soup, ready made sandwiches made from whole meal, fruit and sushi. Avoid cakes, sausage rolls, pasties, pasta salads ( often high in calories).

 Evening meal

It is tempting after a busy stress full day to choose fast food to reward yourself . Food is comforting and living away from home is often lonely and stressful. Decide to have fast food one day a week as a treat. Similarly it is easy to drink alcohol when on your own in a hotel and eating out every night. Again restrict this to say just one night. A good strategy is always to have soup as a starter as this is usually nutritious and low calorie ( unless full,of cream) this will fill you up and you will eat less calories overall. Then a main course of grilled fish or meats and vegetables.


It can be difficult to exercise when away from home. Some gyms such as virgin active allow you to visit all gyms in the group ( some restrictions apply) so this might be worth considering . You can then attend classes or go for a swim when away. Often hotels have a gym facility or swimming pool and it can be a real energiser to go for a swim before breakfast. Alternatively it can be great to go for a walk each day and explore the new area.

At Rubicon Weight Loss Mentoring, a weight loss mentor will work along side you to discover the reasons why your dieting hasn’t been successful in the past and will help you adapt and maintain a new healthy lifestyle to lose weight.