How to lose weight tips number 4

How to lose weight tips number 4

I am a 55 year woman why is it so hard to lose weight?

In middle age It is easy to put weight on and hard to lose it. Why is this ? The main reason we put weight on in our late 40s and 50s is that we are slightly less active and therefore are burning less calories. These small differences accumulate over time. For example, if you burn 100 less calories a day, and eat one extra biscuit of 80 calories then you will gain a pound of weight each month. When I put weight on in my late 40’s I struggled to believe this and was convinced my metabolism had slowed down. However, when I reflected on my daily routine I realised that now I was working from home I was less active. For example I no longer walked to the station or stood on the train for 30 mins etc . If you are putting on weight or struggling to lose weight it is helpful to increase your general activity levels during the day by standing where possible and taking every opportunity to walk.

Whilst it is great to go to the gym and work out often we can feel so tired afterwards that we rest the remainder of the day. Alternatively because we have worked hard in the gym we reward ourselves by eating an extra portion of lunch or by having a sweet treat. The result is that we may be fitter but we may not lose any weight . In fact being active throughout the day can burn more calories than going to the gym. For example a short walk in the morning , then taking the stairs not the lift during the day, a short walk at lunchtime to pick up some lunch, walking the dog in the evening, then preparing vegetables and some household chores will burn the equivalent of a good gym session. Standing burns 10 per cent more calories than sitting.

The best way to lose weight is to cut out snacks between meals and monitor carefully your portion sizes.

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