Losing weight weight loss tips number 5 – The hidden calories in alcohol

The hidden calories in alcohol

My clients often don’t realise how much of their weight gain is from drinking alcohol. We tend not to count the calories from our glasses of wine and beer.

A normal glass of wine whether red or white is 175 ml ( 4 glasses to a bottle) and this contains approx 150 calories . This  varies according to the alcohol content of the wine but 150 calories is a good rough guide.

Therefore if you drink 2 bottles of wine a week that is 1200 additional calories a week. Servings of sparkling wine tend to be smaller and the alcohol content is less so a standard flute of prosecco has approx 75 calories.

Beer also has hidden calories . For example a bottle of the popular Peroni Nastro Azzurro (330ml) lager contains 150 calories. A pint of standard lager is 180 calories, whilst a pint of  Fosters is 224 calories per pint .

There are a surprising large number of calories in spirits, a small whiskey is around 100 calories and  a gin and tonic 200 calories.

We may not realise how many calories we are taking in life  is stressful and it is tempting to open a bottle of wine during the week . This alcohol has hidden calories we may not take account of .  We may have gained weight gradually without really noticing just a weight gain of 2 pounds a year is a stone over 7 years .

It is a good idea to keep track of your alcohol intake so you can see how many calories you are taking in. I would also recommend you have alcohol free days and just have alcohol on a couple of days a week if you are trying to lose weight