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What is weight loss mentoring?

Personal weight loss tips, advice and support on how to lose weight.

Why jelly beans? Jelly beans are particularly inviting to us because we are genetically programmed to want to try each food we see. Experiments have shown that the more jelly beans colours there are, the more we eat and the more calories we consume. If offered a bowl of only red jelly beans we take much less.

This insight explains why we overeat when faced with a self-service buffet of delicious food. We want to try it all. We live in a society where we are tempted with food constantly. Every day we make at least 200 food choices. It is no wonder we all struggle to lose weight. In fact most of us simple do not know how to lose weight at all.

Rubicon weight loss mentoring is a new approach to weight loss. Your personal weight loss mentor will work with you to understand why you are overweight. They will then support you with a diet and exercise plan, and regular face to face mentoring sessions, so that you change your behaviour, adopt a healthier life style and lose weight fast.

Meetings with your mentor are fun and take place in a variety of settings convenient to you, for example at your home, a local cafe or even trying out new exercise classes together.

We cover all South London, Purley, Wallington, Sutton, Croydon, Sutton, Epsom and Reigate. We arrange mentoring sessions at times that suit you.