New Series of great tips on how to lose weight

Super soup-  how to lose weight advice number one

We all know how difficult it is to lose weight and have a healthy diet. In this series I will be sharing some of the best kept secrets for how to lose weight and manage weight loss. It is amazing but it has been scientifically shown that eating soup as part of a meal will reduce the number of calories that you eat . The blended food and water in soup stays in the stomach longer and stops you feeling hungry. Everyone likes soup and it can be a great way of helping overweight teenagers to lose weight as well as being part of a weight loss programme for women and men of all ages.

The key to this useful trick to reduce hunger is a hormone called ghrelin. It is one of the major elements in the body’s appetite system.

Ghrelin is released by specialised cells in the stomach wall which produce ghrelin whenever the stomach is empty. The ghrelin travels in the blood stream to the brain which then tells us that we are hungry and to find food . However if the stomach wall is stretched for example when we eat soup the cells no longer produce ghrelin, and the hypothalamus responds and switches off the signal that demands food . They longer the stomach remains full, the longer you feel satisfied and the less you are likely to eat.

I recommend that clients include in their diets a bowl of soup for lunch with a salad or a bread roll. Everyone is pleased at how good this tastes and really surprised at how filling it is.

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