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Personal weight loss plan

What is a weight loss mentor ?

A weight loss mentor is a supportive friend who:

  • Inspires, encourages and believes in you
  • Works alongside you to ensure that you achieve your goals
  • Supports you to confront the truth behind your weight gain and why you may not have succeeded in the past
  • Has extensive diet and exercise expertise and will design a diet and exercise plan especially for you
  • Can teach you how to cook healthy dishes
  • Allows you to identify your triggers that lead to poor food choices and helps you to overcome these
  • Will set you physical challenges and goals that will motivate you and increase your self belief.

You will meet your weight loss mentor regularly at a frequency that suits you. Face to face with meetings with your mentor take place at a venue convenient for you, during the day or evenings and weekends to suit your schedule. Skype, telephone or email contact will be used between meetings to review progress and keep you on track.

How does the programme work?

The mentor programme  – A new approach to weight loss

Your mentor is your partner on your journey to a new, healthier you.

Getting started

The week  or two before you meet your weight loss mentor, you keep a food diary to record all the food and drink you consume and record your exercise .

First session

Your weight loss mentor will meet you at your home to get to know you and discuss your weight loss goals and find out why you haven’t succeeded in the past in maintaining weight loss. You will jointly review your food diary and exercise log and discuss what this shows. This may identify issues such as emotional comfort eating, snacking, portion control, balance between home prepared meals and takeaways or food choice issues. The diary may show a healthy diet and your mentor will then explore with you why you may have gained weight . You will jointly identify triggers to your eating and how to minimise these.   Your weight loss mentor will identify a diet approach that will succeed for you. They will record your current weight and discuss with you a target weight.

Session 2

Your weight loss mentor will have worked hard to tailor a diet plan for you and will bring this to the at the second meeting. They will discuss with you your individualised diet plan . You will review your current exercise and agree exercise and movement goals. You will review in more depth your activity level and how this may contribute to you gaining weight.  You will plan future sessions with your mentor.

Individualised sessions planned to support your weight loss

You will meet your weight loss mentor regularly to talk about your progress and overcoming obstacles.

Meetings will take place at your home or in your local area or via Skype and are focused  to meet your needs.

For example, you may meet for a review meeting at a cafe and use it as an opportunity to examine the menu,it’s calorie content and look at different choices. If you face challenges with eating out, your mentor will discuss practical strategies, working out the calorie content of different dishes. Each time your weight loss mentor will focus on your progress and offer support and encouragement and practical help with the challenges you face. If you are nervous about joining an exercise class or starting exercise you may meet at a local gym and try a new exercise class together. Your weight loss mentor will examine with you each time different aspects of your weight loss challenge. If you would like to learn new cooking skills the mentor can arrange a fun practical session where you cook together using healthier ingredients. You will monitor your weight yourself and record this weekly. At agreed stages your mentor will weigh you and take key measurements to record your progress.


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Programmes are tailored individually.

Example scenarios

Mike aged 44 and wants to lose 5 stone.

He works in London in a busy job and struggles to find time to exercise. He does a lot of corporate entertaining. He also drinks regularly at home as a way of relaxing. He has tried to lose weight many times in past.

The programme for Mike focuses on agreeing a realistic diet plan that enabled him to make good choices. The relationship with mentor Ken and his regular support and encouragement is key to making the changes.  In the past Mike has slipped back to old ways as he was not accountable to anyone.  Priority is given to cutting down drinking at home and strategies to manage the corporate entertaining.  Meetings take place at East Croydon Station on his way home or by Skype. Ken encourages Mike to use iPhone app to measure and increase his weekly exercise and movement. They go football training together initially and Mike enjoys this and now trains weekly with the lads.

Jarrad is 17 and wants to lose 4 stone.

His mother is worried about his weight. He is depressed and sad about his weight. He has always been heavy and comfort eats. He lacks self confidence. He used to do a lot  of sports but has stopped because of his weight.

The programme for Jarrad was designed to motivate him and  inspire him with more self confidence and optimism about the future. Mentor Caroline agreed with Jarrod targets that will improve his confidence. Meetings were held at Cafe Nero, local sports clubs and also included practical cooking sessions as Jarrod lacked confidence to cook for himself. Caroline encouraged Jarrod to take up kick boxing. He enjoys the classes and has made new friends there.

Kate is 60 and recently retired from teaching.

She  wants to lose 2 .5 stone. Kate follows a healthy diet and life style but can’t seem to lose these pounds.

Mentor Caroline helped Kate to identify that she was eating around 100 calories more per day than she was burning which was leading to long term weight gain . Together they planned a diet which Kate could follow and explored new exercise challenges. Caroline took Kate to a Zumba class and Kate found that this reawakened the love for dancing she had had in her twenties. Kate has found weight loss difficult but she has lost a stone and her weight is now stable. Kate had found her regular meetings with Caroline very helpful in encouraging her to keep going and she now is successfully maintaining the weight lost.