Tom’s story Part Two

Part two of a 5 part blog that looks at how Rubicon Weight Loss Mentoring works in practice.

Tom aged 45 was 5 stone overweight went we first met.

By the end of the first month Tom had lost 10 1bs.

In our regular meetings we looked together at his life style and Tom realised the main problems were that eating gave him comfort and also his portion sizes were far too big. For example, he would have what he thought was a healthy breakfast of fruit juice and Greek yoghurt, banana, nuts and muesli but because it was so large this would contain nearly 1000 calories . His dinner portions were also twice as large as they should be . I suggested that Tom use a smaller plate for his dinner. He found this really helpful as it which prevented him from giving himself too much food and it also tricked his brain into thinking he still had a good meal . Tom also made an effort to sit down with his wife and eat dinner together and turn off the television .It is always a great idea to eat consciously and slow down our eating this helps the brain and stomach to register that we have eaten and for us to recognise that we feel full . If we eat whilst distracted or too quickly we can continue eating for longer without feeling full.

Tom responded well to a diet plan and substituted porridge for his previously over-large breakfast . He also cut out fruit juice and instead had fruit tea . He also managed to find time for walking several days per week. He enjoyed the occasions when his wife or daughters joined him on the walks as this was time to chat about the day . He found that the walk helped clear his mind and helped him sleep better. As he lost weight the walking became easier. He found that our regular meetings offered him support and helped to keep him motivated and on track . He lost a further 7 lbs in month 2.