Tom’s story

If you are overweight or know a close close friend or teenager you may be interested in how the service at  Rubicon weight loss mentoring works in practice . I worked successfully last year with Tom (name has been changed) aged 45 . He was 5 stone overweight when I first met him. He had put on significant weight in recent months  as he had been feeling very upset as his sister had been very ill. Also he had also been working away from home and had got into bad eating habits. I met Tom at his house and saw for myself the foods he had in his fridge and cupboards. He lived with his wife and daughters and so did not have much control over what was bought in the weekly shop . His wife and daughters were not overweight and so were able to have biscuits and sweets and cakes in their diet and eat them in moderation . There were plenty of healthy food such as vegetables and fruit .  I asked Tom to keep a food diary and  I found out that his portions were far too big and he regularly bought large coffees and cakes from coffee shops which he often used as an office base when he was away from the office. We agreed a diet plan that suited his lifestyle and we discussed this with the whole family. They agreed to support Tom and limit the biscuits and sweets in the house and go walking with him.

We held one of our meetings in a coffee shop and looked at the hidden calories in lattes and cappuccinos . Tom hadn’t realised that a large latte could contain 275 calories . He decided in future to switch to a breakfast tea or a skinny latte. A slice of lemon drizzle cake has 375 calories.

There aren’t really any low calorie snack food items offered at Costa so Tom agreed in future to just have a drink. If he was hungry and it was lunch time he could choose to eat a sandwich ( which have the calories displayed on the packet) and a fruit salad. ( The fruit salads at  Costa are particularly expensive in my view do this may not suit everyone) .  By the end of the first month he had lost 10 lbs.