How weight loss mentoring can support employers whose staff would like help to lose weight

As an employer or manager it can be difficult to know how to talk a member of staff who is significantly overweight, about their weight . Often you are concerned that although the weight is not causing an immediate problem there is a strong likelihood that the extra weight will cause health problems in the future. Also, you want to be able to offer some help and support to staff but don’t know how to do it. Increasingly it is likely that very overweight staff will be covered by the Disability Discrimination legislation. In this case employers can more easily address the issue and ask these staff if there any special adjustments they would like to be made to the work place. Examples might be arranging for a special chair or other rearrangement of the office space or organising support such as weight loss mentoring. Flexible hours to avoid rush hour travel may be considered however, employers only have to make these adjustments if they are reasonable. Most likely you want to be able your staff some support to help them lose weight. This is where the services of Rubicon weight loss mentoring can be very helpful as we offer a great service for employers. An experienced mentor will meet regularly with your staff to offer expert support in diet and in overcoming the practical and emotional obstacles that have stopped them succeeding in the past . The mentor will encourage and guide them in their weight loss. They will also provide regular reports to the employer on progress. For more information contact us via the website.